Edumine Launched New Course on Blasting

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Edumine has just launched a new course called “Introduction to Blasting” presented by Anthony Konya who is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of This course takes a modern approach to learning and is divided into short video modules with questions following each lesson to reinforce key concepts.

Blasting has completely changed in the last five years, yet alone the last twenty to fifty years and there is relatively little information widely published. Today we understand shock breakage, velocity matching, and powder factor are outdated and should never be used in the blasting process. New methods have taken the place of these concepts that allow blasters and engineers to make significant improvements to the drilling and blasting process.

This course will cover the new updates in the basics of drilling and blasting which you will use on a daily basis in your career of blast engineering. It will review critical topics such as an introduction to modern blasting, how rock actually breaks from explosives, the commercial explosives and initiation systems used today, and the drilling technology available in the industry.

Learn more about the course here:

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